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Alternative Strategies Datablast #1


* a QTIBIPOC Hardship Fund has been established with the aim of distributing emergergency relief to queer people of colour in the UK during the Covid-19 lockdown. Follow on IG: @ukqtibipochardshipfund, donate and keep an eye out for events.
* SWARM (Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement) are also setting up a hardship fund to help sex workers experiencing financial hardship during the the crisis. Donate:
* Your area will no doubt have a mutual aid Facebook/WhatsApp/SMS group by now. Look out for mutual aid funds such as the
Lambeth Mutual Aid fund, which is using the money in the local community:
* Another example for south east London is the website, set up with information about mutual aid, local facilities, school meal vouchers and businesses offering deliveries.


* Good Night Out are offering free online workshops and skillshares concerning internet and nightlife safety and reducing harrassment; "physical distancing, social solidarity!"
* The London Renters Union are accepting new members and are organising to protect and inform tenants during this period of economic upheaval.

*** Get in touch if you think an organisation, group, fundraising initiative or union should be on this list ***


* Glasgow's Artsy Vice and Chime Studio have released a compilation of live sessions from 16 punk/indie legends; proceeds to Ubuntu Women Shelter, £5+
* DIY SOS' comp features tons of experimental indie pop from SE London and is a benefit for Sister Midnight Records. £7+
* Negative Space live in OCCII, Amsterdam on a limited cassette release, a benefit for SWARM, £5+
* Selkie (aka Lan from Ex-Vöid)'s new release CHEW is a benefit for Refuge, £5+
* Out of Stock from SUEP is a benefit for Lewisham Foodbank and will be deleted once the lockdown is lifted, £3+
* Συναυλία στο ίδρυμα 2 . 14 is a recording of S.H.I.T.'s recent gig in Athens; all proceeds to Chain Cult whose tour with S.H.I.T. was cancelled, £0+


* Books Peckham offer daily sanity recommendations (and are delivering books & zines in SE London, check social media for titles).
* Chew'n!, Oxford's DIY music and food zine, has launched a newsletter with interviews and all sorts.
* Life Harvester, Colin Hagendorf's long-running one-pager, is available online ("news, reviews and advice from a schmuck")
* Not Dead Yet, Toronto DIY/punk promoters, recently reanimated their mailing list with mixes and tour reports.
* Penny Fractions, a fortnightly rundown of the streaming industry, is an insightful and miserable read.
* With Delicate Mad Hands is Livia Franchini (of Molar, 'Shelf Life')'s mailer with original poetry and prose.


* Dublin Digital Radio now hosts State Secrets, where Leigh (of Extravision, Sissy) plays only bangers. Cosmetic Plague remains an excellent punk show.
* Clyde Built Radio is a new digital station from Glasgow; punks should listen to Maria Cecilia's last episode.
* Maximum Rocknroll Radio lives on and can be found on Resonance FM Extra (DAB across the UK).